If you are a stakeholder in a business, then this course is for you.

  • Your questions

    What will be the future for my business? How do I think strategically about the future?

  • Your concerns

    What business risks could I be faced with? What business opportunities could potentially open up?

  • Your hopes

    For better business plans and strategies. For innovation and ideas that are useful.

How this course will help you and your team

This is a “working on your business” course. A course designed to help you prepare for what lies over the horizon. Whether in the form of potential risks that may need to be mitigated, or in the form of potential opportunities that could be exploited.

Minimise resource wastage and maximise potential profits as you improve your preparation for a better future.

Course Content

Change is the new normal

Looking back, looking forward

How to think like a futurist

Change and your business

Global trends to consider

Applying change to your business

(complete with worksheets, quizzes and other resources)

This three hour course will improve your preparation for future risks and opportunities

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"Thought provoking ideas", Adult Educator

"Good thoughts, continual change never ends", Investment Consultant

"Thanks Paul, insightful as ever", IT Project Manager